Tips & Tricks to Keep Food Fresh for a Long Time

We are going to present some awesome lifestyle hacks that can enable you to keep your precious food healthy and fresh for a longer period. Because everyone wants to have fresh food.

  1. Freezing the Sauce

You can maintain the freshness of your sauce by freezing it. For this, you can use a storage bag and put it in the freezer and it will stay fresh for a long long time.

  1. Wrap Leafy Vegetables in Paper Towels

When you wrap paper towels around leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach it will remain fresh for a very long time. The paper towel absorbs the excess moisture and keeps the lettuce fresh so that it doesn’t wither away.

  1. Apples in Freezer

Apples can remain fresh for months when they are stored in the freezer. Just don’t let them get damaged by any sharp object. You can also wrap them in a paper towel or newspaper. Also, don’t keep apples with other items in the fridge otherwise they will rot quickly.

  1. Save Carrots Using Sand

Carrots have great moisture content. You can save them for a longer period by storing them in the sand this will allow them to retain moisture as sand doesn’t let the moisture evaporate and slows down their rotting.

  1. Use Water for Green Onions

Green onions can be made to stay fresh for a long time when they are put in the water. Use a jug and put them in the water and it will keep the green onions fresh for a long time.

  1. Cheese Wrap

Cheese can stink the whole fridge if not properly stored. Use paper to cover the cheese and use specifically porous paper for wrapping. It will allow the cheese to breathe and it will remain fresh for a long time.

  1. Use Foil Paper for Broccoli

Celery and Broccoli remain fresh in the tin foil for a long time. As long as four weeks is the duration for which your celery and broccoli can remain fresh in tin foil.

  1. Don’t Socialize Banana

Bananas are great food but they can turn brown quickly. You should keep bananas in a separate tray away from everything due to excess secretion of ethylene. You can also wrap bananas in separate paper and change them daily for better preservation.

  1. Never Freeze Tomatoes

Tomatoes can wrinkle when put in the fridge. Keep your tomatoes away from the fridge and allow them to ripe on their own. There is a trick here. What happens is that feezing the tomatoes keeps them from ripening. So if you are planning to use tomatoes later and don’t want them to ripen, then use the fridge too.

  1. Don’t Wash & Freeze

Don’t store vegetables and fruits immediately after washing them. The moisture remains on the surface and it increases the degradation process which can lead to food being unhealthy. It is advisable that you first dry the vegetables and fruits thoroughly and then put them in the fridge.

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