Shortcut keys for help in Microsoft Word

In the remote world, everyone is busy at their work using ms words. They all should know about some shortcut keys. Those keys will help them to do their work more easily and fast. It is better than using the mouse all the time while you are working. Therefore, it can use the short keys as per replacement for the mouse.

Here is a list of shortcut keys for the users of Microsoft Word. You can use all these shortcut keys to reduce the time or work.

First, there are some shortcut keys for ms words, which you can use frequently.

  1. Save any, document press Ctrl+S.
  2. To open any document in ms word press Ctrl+O.
  3. To close any document in ms word press Ctrl+W.
  4. Create a new document press Ctrl+N.
  5. Copy any element into your clipboard and press Ctrl+C.
  6. Paste the copied element and press Ctrl+V.
  7. Select all the content of the document and press Ctrl+A.
  8. To change the form of the texts into italics press Ctrl+I.
  9. Bold the text in the document and press Ctrl+B.
  10. To change the text alignment on the left side press Ctrl+L
  11. To change the text-align on the right side press Ctrl+R
  12. Reduce the text size by one press Ctrl+left bracket ([).
  13. Maximize the text size by one press Ctrl+right bracket (]).
  14. To cancel any command that you have done press Esc.
  15. Put the text of any document in the center and press Ctrl+E.
  16. Undo the previous action that you have done press Ctrl+Z.
  17. Redo the previous action that you have done press Ctrl+Y.
  18. To split the document press Ctrl+Alt+S
  19. To adjust the zooming feature press Alt+W and after pressing this use the Tab button from the keyboard.
  20. To remove the split document from the window press Alt+shift+C.

There are some short keys for ribbon tabs.

  1. To open the insert tab or any table or chart press Alt+N.
  2. Open the layout tab to change the page margin and pressAlt+P.
  3. For mailing, press Alt+M.
  4. To open references press Alt+S.
  5. To open the View tab press Alt+W.


Some shortcut keys for print and preview.

  1. To switch to print for preview press Ctrl+Alt+L
  2. To go to the last preview press Ctrl+end.
  3. To move to the zoom-in preview document press the Arrows keys.


Some short keys for text graphics editing.

  1. To open the clipboard task pane press Alt+H,F, O
  2. To delete any one word from the left side press Ctrl+backpress
  3. To delete any one word from the right side press Ctrl+delete
  4. To cut any selected element press Ctrl+X.




There are all the needed shortcut keys, which you can use. All these keys are needed in our daily work in ms word. Therefore, you may try all these at once. It will reduce the time of work.

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