How to send email with zoho and nodemailer in node js

Today I show how we can send email with nodejs so lets start. For send email we need zoho email and password so follow these steps for get zoho password.

Create Password on zoho website

1. Sign in zoho website

2. Click on security-> App Password link

3. Now click on Generate password

4. Add App name

5. Now you password has been generated

Your email credentials are ready for use

Create code for node js app

Now come to node js app and first install nodemailer with this command:

After installation you need to require nodemailer in file where you want to add

Now create the transporter with zoho credentials. If you are using zoho USA data server then you will use .com other wise you need to enter you country code like .in for India and .ru Russia etc. Port should be 465. and in auth parameter you need to set username and password of zoho.

Create code for send email with nodemailer

That’s it Thanks for reading. 🙂


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