How to Instagram reels video download

Nowadays, Instagram reels are the most popular way of engaging the audience with any social profile or page. In this era with the help of reels businesses expand their business with share valuable content. Many times I need the reel video to share on other platforms so we try to download the reel video. But Instagram does not provide any option for downloading the video. So I am sharing a trick on how you can download the reel from Instagram. so let’s begin:-

  1. With help of a screen-recorder on your phone
  2. With the help of a mobile app
  3. Use the third-party link

1. With help of a screen-recorder on your phone

One simple method is you can use a screen recorder of your phone. In all updated android versions this tool is available on every phone so you can use it and find it in your phone media library

2. With the help of a mobile app

On the google play store, you can find many mobile apps that can give you download video copy for download. But their many apps are free and many apps allow users with monthly subscriptions or paid membership plans it’s up to. I am sharing with you some apps that provide you free premises for downloading the reel video. You can log in with Instagram on these apps and download them easily.

On iPhone

1. Install InstantSave on your iPhone from the App Store.

2. Start the InstantSave app.

3. Tap Open Instagram and log into your Instagram account if needed. 

4. Find the reel you want to download.

5. Tap the three-dot menu at the top right and, in the popup menu, tap Copy link. 


On Android

1. Install Video Downloader For Instagram on your Android using the Google Play store.

2. Start the Video Downloader For the Instagram app and, in the Top Apps section, tap the Instagram icon.

3. Log into your Instagram account if needed.

5. After the Instagram app launches, find the reel you want to save and tap the Download icon at the bottom right.

6. In the pop-up window, tap Download.

3. Use a third-party link

If you want to Instagram video reel on your computer or phone with help of an online third-party link. I found this link for you so I am sharing it. With this website, you can download reel videos quickly. Follow these steps:-

  1. Click on this link
  2. Go to the Instagram app or website.
  3. Open any Instagram reel video
  4. Click on three dots then a popup like this
  5. There is you can see copy link option. Click on it and paste in the above URL’s form.
  6. Then you can see a download button in the bottom for downloading mp4 video.


Conclusion: These are the 3 ways how we can download Instagram reel videos. If you like this tutorial I appreciated and please share this article so others can take advantage of this trick.

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