How to use sum function in excel file

Excel is a big Microsoft tool for maintain the records for office use. Excel provides many of functions for solve the basic calculations like sum and average etc. For newbie it is difficult how to use these functions so  i am going to tell you help of this tutorial and screenshots. You can use SUM function easily in excel file. SUM function is use for find out the total value of selected cells.

  1. Open the excel file
  2. Click on the any cell where you want to show total value.
  3. Now click on fx button
  4. Then select sum option and click on OK button
  5. Now you can see this type of dialog
  6. And enter from and to cell value for example you need to add values from B1 to B6 then you should enter B1:B6. You can change it according to your need.
  7. And then enter to OK button. Then you can see the result in selected cell.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.


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