How to upload photos to Instagram from a PC or Desktop

In this era Instagram is a most popular social networking app. So every one use this incredible app. But sometimes we need to upload photo from the desktop or PC to website. You find there is no such this type of feature on web version. So today i am going to tell you how to upload video or photo from Instagram website.

Actually there is not option in web. But as a web developer i want to share this trick how i can upload any photo from the website.

1. Login to

2. There is no photo upload option.
3. Now press F12 button on keyboard Or Right click and click on inspect button

4. now you can see a dialog for inspect html code but you don’t want to this type of this.
5. Just click on toggle device toolbar button on this dialog and refresh the page

6. then you can see Instagram website in phone view

7. then you can see button (+) for upload video or photo

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