how to share screen on google meet


While google meeting with clients or customers we need to show our computer screen. We can share screens on chrome or any other browser. During the meeting, you can see the above screen looks like this.

Now click on Present Now button.







Now you can see multiple screen share screens like the below screenshot.

There are three options as follows:

  1. Your entire screen — You can share whole the screen on your window with help of this option.
  2. A window — If you want to show only docs or only share the whole chrome browser this option can help only share one window. Means only one software or program.
  3. A tab — If you want to show only one tab only from the browser then you can select this option.


In the end, these are the options for how we can share screens during google meet. If you have any questions or like this article please comment below. Thank you for visiting.



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