How To Make Inspirational Quotes for Instagram

Inspirational quotes are great. They provide the necessary boost to morale in tough times and a daily dose of them can do wonders for people who just need a nudge to get on with their lives. Instagram is a great place to share your positivity and make the world a better place. It also gives a great following and provides you to get a good connection with your followers.

Motivational quotes can be easily made but how to make the ones that can make an impact and compel the reader to share them. Since there are so many templates and quotes makers out there, what to chose and how to tweak the photo so to make them perfect. Let’s have a look at few tips.

  1. Simpler The Better

Motivational quotes should be simple. Simple is beautiful and simple is better. People have a very short attention span. So the quote should be simple, to the point and it needs to be said in a maximum of two fonts. Don’t overcrowd the space of the photo with too many fonts, it can be distracting.

2. Background Impacts a Lot

There is a saying –a picture says a thousand words.’ Apply this thought while creating your motivational or inspirational quotes. The right picture with the right quote can do wonders for you. Either go for solid background when you just want your audience to focus on the quote. Or use the background that highlights the text. Use Contrasts.

3. Colour Scheme

Colours impact psychology. A quote photo is giving an overall feel of the whole quote. You need to be aware of the colour scheme of the overall photo and how it’s impacting the eyes. If eyes want to linger at the photo, then your work is done. It’s all about hooking the viewer in the content. Colours play a major role here.

4. Short, Simple & Beautiful

Try as much typography you want, but keep it simple and beautiful. It’s about being beautiful. Thousands of typography can hook your viewers into admiring it. Good typography on the right text can do magic. You just need to keep this thought in mind that beauty is an overall impact. Work fully on the text, its presentation, and its background.

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