How to create cool quote posts for Instagram

The quotes are great. They are simple. They help in grabbing the attention of viewers. They get shared a lot on Instagram. Added with a beautiful background, quotes can become something greater that can go to everyone’s stories.

Creating cool quote photos for Instagram can get you ahead in getting likes and followers and sharing what you love or think with the world. Are you thinking about creating some of them for your own account? Let’s look at 5 different tools that you can use today to make cool quote posts for Instagram.



Canva is the best out there. With millions of templates in its library, it gives you unlimited options to chose from. Whether it’s a poster or a simple Instagram photo, it can give you customization features beyond your expectation.

The app is available for Web, Android, and iOS devices.


An excellent tool with simple controls to give you a wide range of templates, cool typography, photos, and stickers to make your post go viral in seconds. It also has photo editing and retouching features which makes it similar to Adobe Photoshop in app format and that is great. You can create stunning posts with Fotor.

The app is available for Web, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.


We loved wordSwag. It’s simple, easy, and really authentic-looking photos can be generated from it. It has unlimited photo options and limited topographies but those are top quality. Custom text layouts that are minimalistic in approach give you something truly remarkable in quote maker apps. You need to try it once.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices.


A great place to start your quote-making journey. It is similar to Canva but gives you flexible controls and its quote creator area is great for creating cool quote posts for Instagram from scratch. Multiple templates for photos, text options, and their arrangement. It also has customization features. The collage feature is a must-use.

The app is available on Web, Android, and iOS Devices.


A powerful tool that can transform your regular ideas into creative posters within minutes. There are more than 250 temples with cool presets so that you can save your time in choosing your perfect quote alignment among them. More than 50 fonts and 360 elements to decorate your post with. Basic design functions are good and social sharing is great with this app.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices.


There is one bonus app which we can’t stop talking about.


Photopea is not technically a quote maker app but it is your online Photoshop. Everything you do in Photoshop can be done here. From layering to history, to rendering images, to cutting out background. It’s the professional version of Photoshop on the internet and super fast. So, if you have knowledge of Photoshop, you can create custom photos here on Photopea and be an Instagram star.

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