How to change wp-admin password from phpmyadmin

WordPress is the most world popular website builder CMS. 40% websites built in wordpress. Many times wordpress users or developers forgot password or need to change the password. so today i going to explain how we can change wp-admin password from phpmyadmin with the help of this tutorial. Actually there is two options if you want to forgot or change password.

1. From wp-admin page with “Lost Your Password” Link

With this method you can go “lost your password” link on wp-login.php page and enter your email then you can get reset password link on your email

2. And second method is phpmyadmin

For change password you can follow these steps for change password:
1. Login into cpanel

2. Go to phpmyadmin

3. click on wp_users table then you can see all the users list

4. now click on edit button you want to change password

5. you can see this type of form and md5 encoded password

6. now enter your password and select md5 from select box

7. save it

Your password has been changed successfully!! Happy learning 🙂

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