How to add signature in Google Docs file

While creating legal documents or official notices then we need to add a signature under the document as per this requirement adding a signature is an essential task for in google docs document. So let’s begin with how we can add a signature. First, we go to the google docs page with help of this link

1. Insert a sign by Google Drawing feature

  1. Go under Insert -> Drawing -> +New  Option
  2. Click the arrow next to the Line icon
  3. Select Scribble
  4. Draw your signature
  5. Adjust as you see fit
  6. Click Save and Close
  7. Move your signature to where it needs to be
  8. Now your document looks like the original document.In the end, digital adding a signature is a complicated task for anyone. But this tutorial can help you solve this problem. If you are facing any type of issue or want to add more tutorials like this please mention it in the comment below. I will try to add more content and find the best solution for you.


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