Auto Posting Tools for Instagram

Instagram is fun. It’s simple. It uses photos to engage with users. It is a great place to interact with your friends and followers and share your world. It is also a great place to expand your business, promote your products and engage with your users. To get the maximum output from your Instagram you don’t need a high PR agency or someone handling your Instagram for you. You just need some tricks that can help you in mastering this social media platform. So here we are.

The best thing you can do is to schedule your posts on Instagram meaning you post a picture with all the captions and schedule its post date and time so that it automatically posts that to your followers. It is great for people who have tons of things to do and also to curate their social media engagement. The automation mechanism takes care of posting itself and thus the regularity in your Instagram feed is not broken. It is also a way to enjoy your saved time in interacting with users while something is happening automatically.

Let’s look at the top 3 tools which you can use to schedule your Instagram posts.

Later –

A social media scheduling tool that works great for Instagram. It is completely free and with its help, you can post up to 30 scheduled posts per month meaning one post per day. Later also lets you preview your posts meaning you can now look at how your post is going to look when it is posted. The upload mechanism is pretty easy. You can create your account later using Google or any social media handle and then link your Instagram account. Upon successful linking, it allows you to upload media files and create captions along with choosing the date and time of the post and now your post is scheduled.

Hootsuite –

A major competitor to Later, Hoot suite provides you much better facilities in terms of scheduling. With its help, you can even schedule your Instagram stories and this is a major feature that gives a high competitive edge to this beast. Just like later you need to link your Instagram account with Hoot suite and then chose story or Instagram posts to schedule. Upload the photo and chose the date and time and the rest will be done by Hoot suite itself.

Buffer –

Buffer is a simple yet robust tool for Instagram post scheduling. For scheduling posts, your Instagram profile needs to be a business account so that buffer can access it to post on your behalf. After switching to a business account, link it with Buffer and schedule single images with captions and hashtags to increase your reach. Buffer allows you to access its platform through desktop and mobile phones (both iOS and Android). Buffer works on a queue system meaning as you schedule your posts, they will be added in queue format and if you schedule 3 posts, they will be posted in one by one manner giving you awesome freedom to engage in other tasks.

Using these tricks to schedule your Instagram posts you can be a master at social media posting and getting high output from Instagram.


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