9 top fixes when WhatsApp voice messages are not working

When you get bored, enough to type messages in WhatsApp then the only relieving way to chat is by sending voice messages. It reduces the time of texting and you can feel like you are talking over the phone like a call. However, sometimes in WhatsApp, the voice messages fail. You have a certain problem with voice messages. Therefore, there are some ways listed to fix all those issues.

Allow needed requirements

If you are not able to record your voice, message or download then in the past you may have failed to meet some requirements of WhatsApp. This thing will be fixed by opening the apps and notification settings of your mobile.


Storage checkup

To have a good voice chat option in your WhatsApp you have to make sure that you have enough storage on your mobile. Download the voice messages it requires storage. Therefore, you have to look after that point.



Phone restart

Sometimes this issue of voice messages can be solved by a simple trick. You just have to restart your mobile. It can remove all these issues.

Update WhatsApp

The other reason for this voice message issue can be your back-dated app. You should update your WhatsApp from time to time as required. It will remove all these types of issues from your WhatsApp.


Screen protector checking

WhatsApp has a feature proximity sensor. Sometimes for this, the sound of voice messages may differ. Therefore, to avoid this issue you have to remove the screen protector or may replace it.


Uninstall WhatsApp

Another simple way to fix the problem of voice messages in WhatsApp is to uninstall the app. After uninstalling WhatsApp then again, reinstall this. This may fix the problem of not working voice messages.

Increase audio sound

Sometimes the users fail to measure the audio sound and assume that the app may have issues. Therefore, you may check that point as well to reduce the voice message issues.

Turning to another recording app

If you have other apps in your phone as a recorder then you should turn them off. That app also uses a microphone. Then you may have issues if you are using that other app and WhatsApp both at the same time. Therefore, you have to check this thing as well.

Clear cache

This thing is for android mobile users. You may have junk in your system. This may allow this kind of issue in voice messages. Therefore, you should clear the cache. It may reduce the voice message issue from WhatsApp.


All the ways to remove the issue when WhatsApp voice is not working are listed here. There are all possible ways to resolve this issue. You may check all and select as per your need. All the watts are proven to work in respect of this issue. So by applying this you will get rid of and easily use WhatsApp voice messages.

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