9 Best Free Internet Mobile Calling Apps

Calling is the way by which we connect with the people who are far away from us. You should know some mobile apps by using which you can call over the Internet. It will save your money as well.

There is a suggested list of those apps, which you can use to call free internet. Not only call, you can also text, video call, and voice chat by all these apps.


  1. Google duo

It is the best app for free Internet mobile calling. You can call the actual number by using the Internet. It provides calls from PC to PC, mobile to mobile. As Google provides it, so you can trust blindly.

  1. WhatsApp

It is a Facebook-owned app for messaging and calling over the web. You can call on any device except landline or cell phones. By this app WhatsApp you can share your files or images and videos as well.




  1. Signal

It is a kind of app, which ensures the privacy of the users. It provides all the facilities of texting, calling, video calling, voice chatting over the Internet.


  1. Facebook Messenger

It is normally used for messaging your Facebook friends. However, you also can call and video call by using this app over the Internet. Here you can share emojis with your text. Fingerprint or password lock is available for your privacy purpose.

  1. Skype

Skype is a messaging app, which has to be used online. By using this, you can call through the Desktop to mobile or mobile to desktop. It allows users to call anyone from anywhere in the whole world.


  1. TextNow:

It is a communication-based app. You can text, call, or video call over the Internet with this app. It accepts voice mail also from your android mobile. Here a sim card service is available. By this, you can get a sim card and due to this a number as well to call.



  1. Talkatone:

Talkatone is also a useful app, which can be used for mobile data or WiFi. It supports Android mobile and iOS. You can text and call by using this app. you can customize the phone numbers as well.


  1. Viber:

Viber is the best free calling app through mobile for travelers. It provides VoIP service. You can text, call, and video call as well with it. This app Viber also allows the users to share files and as well as you can download any kind of files or notes also.


  1. Textplus:

It is a free calling app for Mobile. It can be used on laptops, notes, and PC as well by using a web connection. It allows the users to call by implementing some ads on your call screen.


These are all the suggestions for apps used for free Internet mobile calling. by using these apps you can call mobile to mobile, mobile to PC or laptop, and in the note as well over the Internet.

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