6 simple tips to be happy yourself

In this busy life, everyone is trying to fulfil their daily requirements. But in the process of finding a good lifestyle, we forget the happiness that comes inside. These days, everyone seems angry and empty from the inside because of the work stress and daily hard work routine. Every March 20th, the world celebrates “happiness day.” So, on this happiness day, let’s find ways to live a happy life.

1. Take deep breath

In this rushed life, it is not easier to make time for yourself. So for 2 minutes, close your eyes and focus on breathing through your nose. It will make you grateful for your own from the inside and give you real happiness.

2. Appreciate yourself

Everyone wants appreciation from others. But you should appreciate yourself first. It will give you positive energy and positive thinking to do something good in the future. Think about what you have achieved in the last five years: your promotion, building a house, taking a car to give happiness to your family. Appreciate yourself for these accomplishments.It will take you on the path of happiness.

3. Spend time with your family and friends.

For happiness, you should meet your loved one, like a friend, a family member, or a pet. This is good medicine for relieving your daily stress. You need to spend an hour a day, a day in a week. It will take you out of the box this time.

4. Expand your knowledge

In the process of achieving your short-term or long term goals, you forget what you love. We are learning new things every day, but we aren’t focusing on them. But you should learn new things that give you happiness from the inside. These things can be learned as musical instruments, writing skills, singing songs, etc.

5. Exercise

Everyone knows we should do daily exercise, but it’s not a cup of tea. Except for the exercise, we do everything.But exercise is the best way to happiness. It will change your mood and give you positive energy to do your daily work in a good manner. Exercise gives us good blood flow in our bodies and reduces stress. You can go jogging, cycling, walking or work out in the gym.

6. Help others

You are spending most of your time at work. So you can help your colleagues with their work. You can give them or her a cup of tea. This type of kindness can take you on the path to happiness. I know it is difficult, but take a first step from your side. Helping others is the best feeling that can give you a positive atmosphere at your work place and good friends too.


So happiness is the feeling that comes from inside. Don’t find it from outside the world. It’s very difficult, but not impossible. Don’t compare yourself with others. In this world, everyone is unique; simply do your work and appreciate yourself.I hope you reach your goals and experience true happiness one day.Thank you.

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