5 top online tools convert HTML to PDF for free

Hypertext markup language or in short HTML is a very known and useful type of file that we save on web pages online. Some users may have problems with the web pages of this HTML so they may want to solve this problem. To solve this problem of HTML the easiest way is to convert the HTML into pdf. Therefore, to do this they may need to know about some best online tools, which can convert HTML to pdf. In addition, this will be more helpful if it becomes free.

Therefore, there is a list showing the top online tools that convert HTML to pdf free. You check all the options and verify all the features.


1. Convertio

Convertio is an online tool, which can convert HTML to pdf free through the web. To convert the HTML to pdf you just need to select the HTML files and tap the needed pdf option through your devices. You can do this by your computer, Google Drive, and cloud drive as well. By using conversion you can convert HTML to pdf around 100 MB.


2. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe acrobat is also a very useful online tool to convert HTML to pdf free. By using this, you can convert your whole HTML files and the web pages from the browsers into pdf.

Here you will get a trial chance for seven days. In addition, this is very useful for converting multiple web pages.


3. Cloudconvert

Cloudconvert is the online tool by which you can easily convert your needed HTML files into pdf, pptx, docs, and into xlsx. Here you will also get the feature to specify the output of the pdf pages. You can change zoom level, backgrounds, margin, page height, or width.


4. HTML pdf

It is a free online tool to convert HTML files into pdf. By using HTML pdf you can change the shape or orientation of the pdf pages and resize them. You can save various pictures and change the grayscale into the newly converted pdf. You can also print the web pages through this HTML pdf.


5. Online convert

You can convert your HTML files into pdf by scanning with the help of this online convert free online tool. Here is an offer for the users to use it free for three times each day. In addition, for more than three times you have to buy it. Here you can convert the languages also. You also can put or export images from the HTML files.



Here are all the options of the best online tools to convert your HTML files into pdf. As per the usefulness, all these online tools are entirely usable without any cost. All the features and working facilities of each tool are given. So now, you can analyze all these options and choose as per your need.

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