5 best ways to track mobile number online

If you’re searching for how to track mobile numbers, then read the full blog. Phone monitoring apps can help anyone track an unknown person’s phone. There are several reasons why people want to track cell phones. For example, in case the phone is stolen or lost, tracking helps to recover the phone. In other cases, parents may want to monitor and supervise their children, and sometimes you may receive calls from unknown numbers. In this blog, we will discuss the best ways to track mobile number online. It will help you track that cell phone just by its number.

5 best ways to track mobile number online for free

1. Caller ID & Number Locator

The first app for tracking phone numbers is the Caller ID and Number Locator. Any mobile number from anywhere in the world can be found and searched for. On a map, the city, state, nation, and service provider of the phone number will be shown. You may also prevent unwanted calls with it.

2. Mobile Tracker – mTracker

This is a great mobile number tracker app that allows users to locate mobile phones or landlines in more than 100 countries and 12,000 cities around the world. The app has a database that stores information about different mobile tracking areas in the world and codes for different cities/countries. It details the exact location of a specific mobile number including city area, state, and country.

4. Mobile Number Tracker

With simply a number, this free mobile phone tracker app can locate any phone. The Android software can assist you in quickly determining the general position of a calling cell phone. Additionally, you may perform a search for any cellphone number to learn more about it, including the operator, name, city, and state. With your current location and distance, the app shows your geographic location on Google Maps. You can trace mobile numbers from any country in the world as well as fixed or landline phones using this software.

The app also comes with extras like Caller ID, which gives you detailed information about the owner and operator.

4. Live GPS

LiveGPS Search website is a free tracking option that allows you to track your boyfriend with a free phone number. It only takes 20 seconds to send you your search results. You can view the service here.

5. GPS Mobile Number Tracker

It is another website that tracks mobile numbers online for free. This method relies on historical location data such as GPS, WiFi connections, and cell tower triangulation. Free online tracker that locates numbers worldwide.


All the above free mobile phone tracking apps will do an excellent job of tracking a cell telephone using the number. Therefore you’ll be able to easily know where your loved ones are. Some of these apps will also reveal basic info about the owner. If your goal is to find a phone, then the Family Orbit app is the one to go for. Family Orbit will not just help you locate a phone but also monitor and control all the phone activities of someone. So if you’re a parent you should definitely give this app a try.

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