5 best free HTML coding editors for windows

HTML refers to “Hypertext markup language”. It is used as a common and important element, which defines the structure of a website. The HTML editor is a kind of tool or software to be used to make a well-structured website. Here some names of free HTML coding editors for windows are given as per references. All these options are selected as per the features, functions, and customizations.

1. Komodo edit

Komodo has two versions. One is komodo edit and the other one is komodo IDE. For those who are searching free HTML coding editor komodo edit is for them as it is usable for free. It includes various facilities or features for making an HTML or CSS. It allows the users to create the website by adding various special characters, languages, and various helpful elements.


2. Microsoft visual studio commodity

Microsoft visual studio commodity is the tool of visual IDE. It allows web designers or creators to design their applications online by using android phones, desktops, or other devices for free. It is the latest version of the visual studio community. It can be used for free and as well as for paid also. Therefore, it depends on the users. Sometimes it needs updates and after every update, it provides some new and improved features.


3. Notepad++

It is the best HTML coding editor for any kind of user, new or old, free. The users will find it in their windows, which is the robust version of Notepad software. It provides the features of color coding, numbering, and various helping tools or hints. Therefore, it is the best tool as a free HTML coding editor. The best feature of it is the auto compilation for any words.

4. Bluegriffon

It is the best and latest version of “Web page editors” which is powered by “Gecko”. At first, it started with “Nvu” but now it has culminated in “Bluegriffon”. It is very useful for those who are new to this job or any small business beginners who want to create a “Code focused” interface. It is available on various platforms like windows, Linux, mac, and many more.


5. Apache NetBeans

It is a Java IDE, which is useful to build or create web allocations. It is helpful to use by beginners and as well as for large developers also. If you are working on web pages or in Java then it is very much helpful. Apache net beans have an element named steep learning curve, which makes it different from the other HTML coding editors.


These are the five best HTML coding editors for windows and to use no amount of money needs to be spent. There are the options of the best HTML coding editors, which are useful for old users and for new users as well. In addition, all of these are easily downloadable and can be used on the web. So now, you can choose as per your need.

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