5 Best Fast Chargers for Apple iPhone 14 Series

Chargers are the most important item for phones. There are various chargers for Apple iPhone 14 series so the users may get confused about which will be best for their iPhones. To help them in this regard here is the list of best fast chargers for the Apple iPhone 14 series. All the chargers have the features of “Emergency SOS via Satellite”.

So now you may have anyone as your need.


1. “Anker Nano 3 USB- C 30W charger”

The Nano 3 USB- C charger is the latest released from Anker. It has the same features as the “spigen adapter” but is slightly higher having an output of 30W. Therefore, the device, which supports the 30W chargers, will be best for them like the Apple iPhone 14 series. It has a foldable plug so you can fold the plug when it has no use. This is the best thing about this charger that makes it different from others.


2. “Apple 20W USB- C Power Adapter”

This Apple USB- C power adapter is very simple to use and has no frills. It is the charger of the first party so capable of providing all the safeties. It has the maximum rate of 20W which is suitable for Apple iPhone 14 and as well as for Apple iPhone 14 pro also. In addition, it is affordable for all.

3. “Ugreen Nexode Mini 45W charger”

This Ugreen Nexode Mini charger has multiple uses. It can be used for Apple iPhone 14 series, Apple Airpods, and is useful for the Apple watch. The adapter of Ugreen GaN of 45W is broken into parts of 20W and 25W, which can be used simultaneously. It also can charge the laptop as the MacBook Air.

4. “Spigen 27W USB- C fast charger”

This fast USB-C charger has been released by Spigen and is easily movable in pockets. The tiny footprint of this charger makes it easily transportable. It provides the output of 20W to the Apple iPhone 14 Plus and Apple iPhone 14 and the output of 23W to the Apple iPhone 14 pro max. It has a maximum capacity of the wattage of 27W. In other smartphones and iPad, it provides the full 27W. It also has a warranty of two years onwards.

5. “Anker Nano II 65W charger”

This Anker Nano II is a USB- C charger mainly known for its fastest charging feature. It can be carried easily and is suitable for Apple iPhone 14 series and laptops as well. It can provide the output of wattage up to 65W. In this model the USB- A is also available for charging the Apple watch. 


There are all the best fast chargers suitable for the Apple iPhone 14 series. All these chargers are easily movable in pockets and have groundbreaking features. Maximum chargers are the models of USB- C and not only applicable for Apple iPhone 14 series but also for Apple watch, Air pods, and laptops as well.

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