10 best WhatsApp tips and tricks you should know

Whatsapp is the neediest application in today’s world. It is useful for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices online as well. So all the users should know some useful tips and tricks about this WhatsApp which are mentioned below:

Finding data usage:

Whatsapp needs a web connection to use. So it is important to find the data usage. To find the data using the IOS and Android users follow the step:

“Settings> storage and data>network usage”.

2. Wallpaper setting for a specific chat:

To set the wallpaper for a specific chat the stopes for IOS and android users are stated below:

IOS: “specific chat > wallpaper and sound > choose a new wallpaper > select from the option”.

Android: “specific chat > wallpaper > change”.

3. Sending disappearing messages or videos:

For IOS: “specific chat > tap on the (+) next to the message input field > choose Camera to take the photo and video library to select a photo > choose photo > tap on the (1) next to the blue send arrow > press the blue arrow to send”.

Android users: “specific chat > tap on the paperclip next to the message input field > choose the camera to take photo or Gallery to select photo > choose photo > tap on the (1) next to the blue send arrow > press the blue arrow to send”.

4. Hiding blue ticks:

IOS users: “Settings > account > privacy > toggle off read receipts”.

Android users: “settings > account > privacy > untick read receipts:.

5. Hiding profile picture:

To hide the profile picture on Whatsapp the process is the same for the IOS and android users.

IOS and Android users: “settings > accounts > privacy > profile photo”.


6. Chat back up:

Chat backup is very important to have. It recovers all the old messages on WhatsApp. This process is also the same for the users of IOS and as well as the users of androids.

IOS and Android users: “settings> chats > chat backup >backup now”.


7. Bookmarking important massages:

To bookmark important the users have to follow the steps below:

IOS users: “chats > specific chat > specific message > double tap or hold down and press star”.

Android users: “chats > specific chat > specific message > hold down and press star”.

8. Sending private public massage :

The users may send a broadcast message by following the steps:

IOS users: “chats > broadcast lists > new list > add contacts”.

Android users: “chats > menu > new broadcast”.


9. Hiding online status on WhatsApp:

To hide the online status on WhatsApp the following steps are mentioned:

For all users: “settings menu > accounts > privacy section > last seen > nobody”.

10. Shortcut for specific conversation:

The process to get a shortcut for any specific conversation is applicable only the android users. This is as follows:

“Chat > specific chat > menu > more > add shortcut or chats > press and hold individual chat > menu > add chat shortcut”.


These are all the best ten WhatsApp tips or tricks, which every WhatsApp user should know. All of these tricks will help you for various purposes, as it is the most useful application. These tricks will make your work easier.

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