10 best hosting services for WordPress

The users sometimes get confused between the so-so hosting and WordPress hosting platforms as both are available in the market. However, they should know that between these two there is a huge difference.

In this article, there is a list that shows the best hosting services for WordPress, by analyzing its speed, support, security, space, scalability, server location, and SSL.


1. WP Engine

WP Engine provides the best hosting service for WordPress in the market. To get this you need to spend around $23 per month. The uptime is full 100% and it takes around 1.13s to load. The traffic allowed for this service is 25000 visits per month.

2. Kinsta

It is also a great host for WordPress but a little bit costly. To get this host you have to spend $29.17 per month. The uptime is 99.93 and it takes around 1.26s to load. The allowable traffic is 25000 visits per month. It has a 24/7 support system.

3. Hostinger

Hostinger will provide you with the service in around 20+ languages. You have to spend only $1.99 per month to get this. The uptime is 99.87% and takes 1.09s to load which is very fast. Allowable traffic is around 100 GB of bandwidth.

4. Siteground

It provides the tools to the users for making the use process easier. The cost is $2.29 per month. The uptime is 99.93% and the loading time is 0.95s. The allowable traffic for siteground is around 1000 visits per month.



5. DreamHost

Dreamhost is the best choice for all users. The live chat is available only from 5.30 am to 9.30 pm. It takes around 1.97s to load and the cost is $2.59 per month. The allowable traffic is unmetered.

6. Inmotion hosting

If the user is planning for more than one website then inmotion hosting is the best option. You have to spend only $2.29 per month. The loading time is 1.03s and allowable traffic is unmetered.

7. Hostgator

The spending amount to get this is $2.75 per month. It is a single-click installer. The loading time is 1.25s. In addition, the uptime is 100%.

8. Bluehost

Here you will get a domain name free for the first year only. The cost of Bluehost is $2.75 per month. The loading time is 1.1s. With a revamped user panel, your work will be easier.

9. Flywheel

It is best for beginners. Allowable traffic is 5000 visits per month and the cost is $13 per month. It takes 0.62s to load which is the fastest speed.

10. A2 Hosting

It is helpful for any kind of website-related problem. Loading time is 1.98s. The cost is $2.99 per month and the allowable traffic is unmetered.


These are all the best hosting services for WordPress having 24/7 support quality. All these hosts have the best features to serve you the tools to be easy to use. So you can choose as per your need by analyzing all services.

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